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From Oracle 8i to the Cloud: Sharing 20+ Years of Database Wisdom

Welcome to your one-stop shop for all things Oracle database administration! We've been in the trenches since the days of Oracle 8i, witnessing the evolution firsthand from 10g's release in 2003 to the cloud-powered present.

Are you the one with the trusty text file overflowing with handy scripts? You're not alone! This site is our digital treasure trove, filled with gems we've collected and honed over the years.

Why share? Because knowledge thrives when it's shared. We believe in empowering fellow DBAs with practical tools and insights, saving you time and frustration.

What to expect:

  • Real-world scripts: No fluff, just battle-tested solutions for common DBA tasks.
  • Expert insights: Learn from our experience, gleaned from years of tackling diverse challenges.
  • Community spirit: We're all in this together. Share your tips, ask questions, and help us grow!

Ready to dive in?

  • Browse our scripts: Find solutions for user management, backups, performance optimization, and more.
  • Dive into our blog: Explore in-depth guides, troubleshooting tips, and industry trends.
  • Join the discussion: Connect with fellow DBAs in our forum and share your knowledge.

Remember, this site is yours to use and shape. We encourage your contributions, questions, and feedback. Let's build a vibrant community of DBAs who learn, grow, and succeed together!

P.S. Still clinging to that text file? Send Us your script(s) and share the magic!