Clarifying oifcfg getif Identifying Your Oracle Cluster Interconnect Subnet

Understanding oifcfg getif for Oracle Cluster Interconnect Subnet Change

The Oracle Clustware command oifcfg getif is a crucial utility for managing Oracle Clusterware and its private interconnect subnet. Below is breakdown of its purpose, usage, and key points:

Change the private interconnect subnet. First find the interface which is in use as the interconnect - run as root from the crs home

Sample SQL Command

1oifcfg getif


This command helps identify the network interface currently used as the private interconnect within an Oracle Clusterware environment. This information is critical before attempting to change the private interconnect subnet.


  • oifcfg: The Oracle Interface Configuration utility used for managing network interfaces in Oracle Clusterware.
  • getif: A sub-command to retrieve information about network interfaces.
  • -r: Option to display routing information associated with the interfaces (optional).


Running oifcfg getif typically displays a list of network interfaces with details like:

  • Interface name
  • IP address
  • Subnet mask
  • Gateway
  • Interface status

Identifying the interface with an IP address within the private interconnect subnet (usually a non-public range like or helps you understand the current configuration.

Key points:

  • Changing the private interconnect subnet requires careful planning and coordination to avoid disrupting cluster communication.
  • Only run oifcfg commands as root due to their impact on system configuration.
  • Documenting the current and intended configurations before any changes is crucial for troubleshooting and rollback.
  • Ensure necessary downtime and communication with affected users before modifying the subnet.

Insights and explanations:

  • Understanding the role of the private interconnect in Oracle Clusterware is essential for maintaining cluster health and preventing downtime.
  • Consult the official Oracle documentation for detailed information on managing private interconnects and using oifcfg.
  • Consider performing test changes in a non-production environment before applying them to critical systems.

Additional notes:

  • Remember that directly modifying the subnet after finding the interface might involve further steps depending on your configuration and desired changes.
  • Always verify cluster stability and functionality after making any network configuration changes.

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