Find Control File Locations in Oracle Database (Simple SQL Query)

Viewing Control File Locations in Oracle Database

This guide explores a simple method to identify the locations of control files in your Oracle Database. We'll delve into the provided SQL code, understand its purpose, and offer insights into control files.

List controlfiles

Sample SQL Command

1select	name
2from	v$controlfile

Understanding Control Files

Control files are essential, binary files in Oracle Database that store crucial metadata about the database's physical structure. This information includes:

  • Database name
  • Datafile and redo log file locations
  • Database creation timestamp
  • Checkpoint information

The database relies on control files during startup and operation. Oracle recommends having at least two control files stored on separate physical disks for redundancy in case of failure.

The Code Breakdown

The provided SQL code snippet utilizes a single, straightforward statement to retrieve control file information:

  • select name**: Initiates the SQL statement, specifying the column to be retrieved.
  • from v$controlfile**: Defines the data source - the v$controlfile view. This view provides information about all control files registered with the database instance.
  • /**: Terminates the SQL statement.

Key Points

  • Executing this code displays the names (locations) of all control files associated with your Oracle database instance.
  • The v$controlfile view offers a convenient way to access control file information without directly querying raw files.
  • Remember to connect to your Oracle Database with appropriate privileges before running this script.


Knowing control file locations is valuable for various administrative tasks, including:

  • Backing up control files as part of your overall database backup strategy.
  • Verifying control file integrity during troubleshooting procedures.
  • Managing control files in scenarios like adding or removing them.


By understanding control files and utilizing this simple SQL code, you can effectively retrieve control file locations in your Oracle Database, aiding in various administrative tasks.


Oracle Documentation on v$controlfile view:

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