title: Checking Cluster Health with crsctl check cssd description: Learn how to verify the health of the CSS daemon (cssd), a vital component of Oracle Clusterware, using the crsctl check cssd command. keywords:

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  • crsctl check cssd
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Checking Cluster Health with crsctl check cssd

1crsctl check cssd


  • To verify the status and health of the Cluster Synchronization Services (CSS) daemon (cssd), a crucial component of Oracle Clusterware.
  • It's typically used in Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) and Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) environments to ensure cluster integrity and coordination.


  • crsctl: The command-line utility for managing Oracle Clusterware resources.
  • check: Initiates a health check on a specific resource.
  • cssd: The target resource, the Cluster Synchronization Services daemon.

Key Points:

  • Output: Displays the status of the cssd process, including:

    • Whether it's running or not.
    • Any errors or warnings encountered.
    • The host node where it's running.
    • The process ID (PID).
  • Common Usage:

    • Troubleshooting cluster issues.
    • Verifying cluster health before starting or stopping RAC databases.
    • Investigating potential problems with ASM.

Insights and Explanations:

  • Importance of CSS:

    • Manages cluster node membership and communication.
    • Ensures consistency of cluster configuration across nodes.
    • Provides access to the Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR), a shared repository for cluster configuration information.
  • Context for Usage:

    • Often used in conjunction with other crsctl commands for managing cluster resources.
    • Part of regular cluster maintenance and troubleshooting procedures.
  • Additional Insights:

    • Consider using crsctl status resource cssd for a more detailed view of cssd status and resource dependencies.
    • For troubleshooting, consult Oracle documentation and support resources for specific error messages or issues.

In summary, crsctl check cssd is an essential tool for ensuring the health and stability of Oracle RAC and ASM environments. By regularly checking the status of cssd, you can proactively identify and address potential cluster problems, maintaining optimal database performance and availability.