Identifying Segments Nearing Maximum Extents in Oracle Database

Identify Oracle Database Segments Nearing Their Maximum Extent Limit

Sample SQL Command

 1col	segment_name format a40
 2select	owner
 3,	segment_type
 4,	segment_name
 5,	max_extents - extents as "spare"
 6,	max_extents
 7from	dba_segments
 8where	owner not in ('SYS','SYSTEM')
 9and	(max_extents - extents) < 10
10order by 4

Sample Oracle Output:


  • To proactively monitor segments approaching potential space exhaustion, allowing for timely intervention and preventing performance issues or errors.


  1. col segment_name format a40: Sets the display width for the "segment_name" column for better readability.
  2. select owner, segment_type, segment_name, max_extents - extents as "spare", max_extents: This clause selects five columns:
    • owner: Schema (user) owning the segment.
    • segment_type: Type of segment (TABLE, INDEX, PARTITION, etc.).
    • segment_name: Actual name of the segment.
    • max_extents - extents as "spare": Calculated "spare extents" remaining before reaching the limit.
    • max_extents: Maximum number of extents allowed for the segment.
  3. from dba_segments: Specifies the data source as the dba_segments system view, containing information about all database segments.
  4. where owner not in ('SYS','SYSTEM'): Excludes system-owned segments (SYS and SYSTEM) from the results.
  5. and (max_extents - extents) < 10: Filters for segments with fewer than 10 "spare extents" remaining.
  6. order by 4: Sorts the output by the calculated "spare extents" in ascending order (segments closest to limit shown first).

Key Points:

  • This code requires appropriate privileges to access dba_segments (typically DBA or SYSDBA).
  • The threshold of 10 "spare extents" can be adjusted based on your specific risk tolerance and desired early warning level.
  • The code identifies potential future issues but doesn't automatically take any action. Consider follow-up steps like analyzing space usage, increasing extents, or reorganizing data.
  • Be cautious when modifying max_extents values, as exceeding them can lead to errors and data loss.

Insights and Explanations:

  • Monitoring "spare extents" helps anticipate potential space exhaustion scenarios and allows for proactive management to avoid disruptions.
  • Understanding the factors affecting segment growth (data volume, indexes, operations) is crucial for accurate risk assessment and mitigation strategies.
  • Consider combining this code with other metrics like segment growth rate or space allocation patterns for a more comprehensive view of space usage.

Remember to use this code responsibly, understand its limitations, and adapt it to your specific database environment and risk management needs.

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